Flow cheats

Free typing cheat

You can use this cheat only once a day.

First, type in your chatbox “test-mode 42”.


Something random should some up. Then type “cryptobiologist”.


Typing that something like this should come up:


There are ten phrases that can “appear”:

  • It’s full of stars
  • Why do cows only fly in night?
  • It’s turtles all the way down
  • It’s the only way to be sure
  • I’m going outside now
  • The moons are circling tonight
  • So long and thanks for all the fish
  • See you afterweeks ago
  • Life, the universe, and everything?
  • Beam me up, Scotty!

You will get 5 flow, then 8, then 12.. And so on. You can get like 70 flow from this cheat. After few days your flow will “restart” from 5 again.

It works one time everyday.

‘Black White Car’ game cheat

Step 1.

Go to the games.


Step 2.

Click on game ‘Black White Car’.


Step 3.

Click ‘Play game’ twice.


Step 4.

Play ‘Free mode’. It works only if you play free mode.


Step 5.

Play until you see ‘M’, what means ‘Monster Truck’. GET IT QUICKLY!


Step 6.

Press ‘Space’ to pause game.


Step 7.

Gain flow. It works way better with different boosts.


After 30 seconds or 1 minute:


You can watch TV or eat something while gaining flow.

‘Kaban Sheep’ game cheat

Step 1.

Go to games.

Step 2.

Find game ‘Kaban Sheep’ and click on it.kaban1

Step 3.

Start to play it. As the game starts, lead your ‘kaban’ right to the tree. It will start gaining ‘apples’. Don’t move anywhere from here.kaban2

Step 4.

Gain your flow!


After 15 seconds:


After 40 seconds:


Well, it works so good only with boosts. Better wear all your boost items (if you have them) and you will get flow even more quickly! While gaining it, watch something ;D

Enjoy! 😀


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